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Kabula London Classes

Capoeiristas and visitors are all welcome in Kabula London!


Kabula London is a charitable organization based in Dalton.

See complete info in here

when: Tuesdays and Thursdays
time: 7 pm to 9pm
where: St. Barnabas hall, Dalston, E82EA
contact: Charley 07791139096

Coordination: Treinel Charley and Treinel Jan

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I am the founder of Kabula Arts & Projects, in London 2004 and in Rio one year later, together with a group of colaborators and partners. It´s a charity organisation that aims to develop and increase the cultural exchange between Brazil and Britain. Therefore, I have been doing bridging this relationship between Rio and London over the last 19 years - often in unprivileged communities within Brazil (Favelas) and also Britain (inner city problem areas). Along side this, I have also created projects in both cities for Community schools, a capoeira production at The Arcola Theatre, Art Festivals and Carnivals by the old docks area of Rio and in Hackney and Lambeth council in London, in addition for the RSC in Stratford-Upon-Avon and most recently for the Brazil Festival at the Southbank Centre in London. I have also produced, coordinated and performed in diverse places other than Brazil, such North America, Europe and India. I have a Master's Degree in Contemporary Arts Studies at the "Universidade Federal Fluminense" (UFF), Brazil and specialisation in cultural management.

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